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Jumping Rivers is an analytics company whose passion is data and machine learning. We help our clients move from data storage to data insights.


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The data science community is at the centre of what we do. We love being a part of the community, from sponsoring, exhibiting and speaking at conferences, to running them ourselves. We run multiple meetups across the UK, and support many more world wide through sponsorship. We also host SatRdays events, and our own Shiny in Production annual conference!

Case Studies

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Our consultants come with over 100 years combined experience in R, Python, Stan, Scala and other programming languages and range from lecturers and Doctors to graduates of statistics. Find out the challenges, projects and results provided in our case studies.

Partnering With

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We've worked from day one with the School of Mathematics, Statistics and Physics from Newcastle University, on cutting edge data science projects.

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Jumping Rivers provides training and technical support for Posit Shiny dashboards and infrastructure. As such, we work with Posit to help our clients understand how R can revolutionise their data science pipeline.

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The world’s most popular data science platform, Anaconda enables organizations to put open-source data science to work with the right security, scale, and governance. Jumping Rivers helps you get the best from your product.

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H2O AI Hybrid Cloud offers an end-to-end platform that democratizes artificial intelligence. Jumping Rivers offer support at every step of this journey. This includes training, infrastructure and reselling.

Our Credentials

Jumping Rivers has delivered quality data insights from day 1. Based in Newcastle and founded in 2016, the company is bringing a fresh approach to the world of data analytics.

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