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Jumping Rivers has delivered quality data insights from day 1. Based in Newcastle and founded in 2016, the company is bringing a fresh approach to the world of data analytics. Our trainers and consultants come with over 40 years combined experience in R, Python, Stan, Scala and other programming languages. We have worked with some of the largest (and smallest) companies in the world.



Esther Gillespie

Esther makes Jumping Rivers tick. Her goal is to help clients plan for the future. This means ensuring that what happens now, fits into their big picture.

Dr Colin Gillespie

Project Manager
As well as working at Jumping Rivers, Colin is also Senior Statistics Lecturer at Newcastle University. Colin has been using R since 1999. He's the author of a number of R packages and has published the book Efficient R Programming with O'Reilly.
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Dr Jamie Owen

Lead Trainer
Jamie Owen has been teaching R since 2011. He has run over thirty training courses, with topics ranging from introduction to R to advanced analytics. Over the last five years, Jamie has taught courses at a variety of Universities, government agencies and some of the largest UK companies.
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Theo Roe

Data Scientist
Theo holds a 1st Class Honours MMathStat in Mathematics & Statistics from Newcastle University. He has been with Jumping Rivers for over 2 years now, authoring four of Jumping Rivers courses and working with a range of clients.

Dr Roman Popet

Data Scientist
Roman has over 10 years experience in data science first as a post-doctoral researcher in biological sciences and then as a consultant data scientist. Roman has published over 15 papers in internationally recognised, peer-reviewed journals. His work has been covered in popular media outlets such as the Times, The BBC and The Metro.
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Sebastian Mellor

Data Engineer
Sebastian has a 1st Class Honours MMathStat in Mathematics & Statistics from Newcastle University. He worked at the leading interaction design and ubiquitous computing research group, Open Lab, for five years. He has multiple publications on machine learning, sensor deployments and infrastructure, and data visualisation.

Dr Rhian Davies

Data Scientist
Rhian loves using statistics to help people make data driven decisions. As a data scientist, she has worked closely with varied domain experts including physicists, psychologists, game designers and engineers. She's also a keen communicator and enjoys helping people understand statistical principles.

Anmol Hussain

Finance Officer
Anmol holds a BA hons in Accounting and Financial Management, with ACCA and CIMA exemptions and a degree in Msc International Financial Analysis. He takes responsibility for the company's day to day financial administration, interacting with clients, partners and the Jumping Rivers team.
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Deborah Washington

Project Operation Manager
Deborah is responsible for Jumping Rivers' office support and has extensive organisational and project management experience. As Admin Manager, Deborah works across the organisation, with its management and data scientists, to maintain and deliver customer requirements and assist the team's daily pursuits and objectives.
Jack Walton

Jack Walton

Data Scientist
Jack is working towards a PhD in mathematics at Newcastle University. He is devoted to sharing his knowledge and expertise and is a regular contributor on Stack Overflow. As well as this, Jack enjoys the challenge of creating insightful visualisations from noisy and messy datasets

John McIntyre

Data Scientist
John holds a 2:1 Bachelor of Science degree in Statistics from Newcastle University. He is a Data Scientist who is passionate about using statistical methods in software packages such as R, to help clients benefit from the data they possess.

Andrew Patterson

Data Engineer
Andrew has gone from studying Maths and Physics at university, to network and server engineering, to a programmer role and then into DevOps and automation work. His hobbies primarily include network and server engineering, programming and automation work.

NHS Scotland

"Pace of delivery was just right, good mix of walked through examples and practical exercises. The course was clearly and methodically taught, the practical examples were realistic, and the tutors were friendly and approachable. Instructors - really friendly, helpful and patient."

Francis Crick

"Overall, it is a great course for absolute beginners. Good course, really helpful, good amount of time to practise the code learnt"

Shell International Petroleum Company

Alex Hancock - Global IT Manager: Data & Analytics

"Colin's excellent training on R is now the gold standard for my team. The combination of theory, practical examples, and his flare for instruction make the training very accessible, and have really helped us leverage the power of R."

Nicole Avison


"I have attended several of Colin's R programming courses over the last few years. In delivering courses to our department he tailored the courses to our line of work, which really helped in applying the theory to real life. Colin has also helped me learn how to apply version control to our R code, which has resulted in us piloting a new way of developing R code."



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