Leading experts in data science training solutions.

Jumping Rivers has delivered quality data insights from day 1. Based in Newcastle and founded in 2016, the company is bringing a fresh approach to the world of data analytics. Our trainers and consultants come with over 40 years combined experience in R, Python, Stan, Scala and other programming languages. We have worked with some of the largest (and smallest) companies in the world.


Esther Gillespie headshot

Esther Gillespie


Esther makes Jumping Rivers tick. Her goal is to help clients plan for the future. This means ensuring that what happens now, fits into their big picture.

Colin Gillespie headshot

Dr Colin Gillespie

Project Manager

Colin has been using R since 1999. He's the author of a number of R packages and has published the book Efficient R Programming with O'Reilly.

Jamie Owen headshot

Dr Jamie Owen

Lead Trainer

Jamie Owen has been teaching R since 2011. He has taught courses at a variety of Universities, government agencies and some of the largest UK companies.

Theo Roe headshot

Theo Roe

Data Scientist

Theo holds a 1st Class Honours MMathStat in Mathematics & Statistics from Newcastle University. He is the author of many of the Jumping Rivers courses and works with a range of clients.

Sebastian Mellor headshot

Sebastian Mellor

Data Engineer

Sebastian has a 1st Class Honours MMathStat in Mathematics & Statistics from Newcastle University. He has multiple publications on machine learning, sensor deployments and infrastructure, and data visualisation.

Rhian Davies headshot

Dr Rhian Davies

Data Scientist

Rhian loves using statistics to help people make data driven decisions. As a data scientist, she has worked closely with varied domain experts including physicists, psychologists, game designers and engineers.

Deborah Washington headshot

Deborah Washington

Project Operation Manager

Deborah is responsible for Jumping Rivers' office support. As Admin Manager, Deborah works across the organisation, to deliver customer requirements and assist the team's daily objectives.

Jack Walton headshot

Dr Jack Walton

Data Scientist

Jack holds a PhD in applied mathematics and loves all things computer-related. He is devoted to sharing his knowledge and passion as a Jumping Rivers trainer, StackOverflow contributor, and programming-blog author.

John McIntyre headshot

John McIntyre

Data Scientist

John holds a 2:1 Statistics degree from Newcastle University. He is a Data Scientist who uses statistical methods in computer programs such as R, to help clients benefit from the data they possess.

Andrew Patterson headshot

Andrew Patterson

Data Engineer

Andrew has gone from studying Maths and Physics at university, to network and server engineering, to a programmer role and then into DevOps and automation work.

Liam Kalita headshot

Liam Kalita

Data Engineer

Liam holds a Computer Science degree from Northumbria University. He has worked within junior DevOps and Web Development roles since 2018. He is currently studying towards an Msc in Cyber Security.

Russ Hyde headshot

Russ Hyde

Data Scientist

Russ has previouly worked in molecular biology and bioinformatics. He holds a PhD in Molecular Physiology and MSc in Mathematics. Russ is an author of several CRAN packages and mentor on the R-for-data-science community.

Mandy Norrbo headshot

Mandy Norrbo

Data Scientist

Mandy has a degree in Psychology where she discovered her love for R. She has experience teaching data science to a diverse audience and enjoys creating Shiny apps, data visualisations, and data-related comics.

Martin Smith headshot

Martin Smith

Data Engineer

Martin has been dealing with Windows-based networks for over 10 years and developing SQL Server systems, and likes to study Data Science in Python, but is moving to learn more in R.

Georgia Atkinson headshot

Georgia Atkinson

Data Scientist

Georgia is currently studying for a PhD in Engineering. Her project looks at applying deep learning techniques to dolphin acoustics. She has a background in statistics and machine learning and enjoys applying her knowledge to real-world problems.

Josh Barney headshot

Josh Barney

Data Engineer

After a 1st in Computer Science at Newcastle, Josh undertook statistical training from the Cloud Computing for Big Data CDT and researched improving CNN regression models for apparent age estimation of facial imagery.

Nicola Rennie headshot

Dr Nicola Rennie

Data Scientist

Nicola holds a PhD in statistics and operational research from Lancaster University. She enjoys sharing her knowledge of R, creating data visualisations, and helping clients learn from their data.

Keith Newman headshot

Dr Keith Newman

Data Scientist

Following a PhD in statistics at Newcastle University, Keith developed software to improve road safety modelling. He enjoys creating Shiny apps and teaching the use of R.