Georgia Atkinson

Python Virtual Environments and Barbie

Authors: Georgia Atkinson & Myles Mitchell

Hey Barbie! I mean ... hey Python user! Have you ever wished that customising your Python environment could be as easy as trying different outfits on your Barbie? Well turns out it is! With virtual environments, you can create isolated Python projects with different dependencies and versions. Read our Barbie-themed guide to get started!

Python Package Managers

Author: Georgia Atkinson

Python package managers are essential tools that help developers install, manage, and update external libraries or packages used in Python projects. These packages can contain reusable code, modules, and functions developed by other programmers, making it easier for developers to build applications without reinventing the wheel.

Displaying data in H2O Wave

Author: Georgia Atkinson

In this post we will go through an example of how to build a simple web application to display data in various forms including plots, tables and graphics using H2O Wave, an easy web application development tool in Python.