Dr Jamie Owen

Automating Dockerfile creation for Shiny apps

Authors: Jamie Owen & Colin Gillespie

Deploying shiny applications can be frustrating, making sure your production environment matches your local environment where you can see your application running. In this blog post we explore how we might start writing code to automate the process of creating Dockerfiles for producing images that make our local, running, shiny application able to be deployed in a container.

API as a package: Testing

Author: Jamie Owen

Unit testing is an integral part of creating robust applications and codebases. Continuing the API as a package series we explore how you might set up unit tests with {testthat} for your API service.

API as a package: Logging

Author: Jamie Owen

Logging is crucial to understanding what's going on with an application as it runs. There are some good solutions to logging of R shiny applications but less so for plumber applications. Continuing the API as a package series we examine how you might add some automatic logging to your API service written in R using plumber and the logger package.

API as a package: Structure

Author: Jamie Owen

Inspired by opinionated packages on {shiny} app development such as {golem} and {leprechaun}, Jumping Rivers adopted a similar pattern for producing a {plumber} API as a package for one of our client projects. This is one of a series of blog posts discussing the general structure of said package.

Hello Shiny Python

Author: Jamie Owen

RStudio conf 2022 had some exciting reveals. Certainly one of the most interesting releases was that of shiny, the excellent web application development framework known in the R community, getting a Python release. Here we will take a first look at creating a simple application.

Accessibility in R applications: {shiny}

Author: Jamie Owen

Web content accessibility is an important topic to consider when building web based applications. {shiny} is an excellent tool that allows data practitioners a relatively simple, quick approach to providing an intuitive user interface to their R code via a web application. Here we explore accessibility in the context of a {shiny} application.

Voice Control your Shiny Apps

Author: Jamie Owen

I love R and I love Shiny. One of the things I really like about shiny is the ease with which you can incorporate other Javascript based tools and libraries. By my own admission, my JavaScript skills are definitely lacking but there are so many cool libraries out there which can really make visualisation and interaction with displayed content come alive.