Dr Myles Mitchell

Headshot of Myles Mitchell

Myles holds a PhD in Astrophysics and MPhys in Physics from Durham University. He has a background in Python programming and enjoys discerning and visualising trends from vast data sets.

Python Virtual Environments and Barbie

Authors: Georgia Atkinson & Myles Mitchell

Hey Barbie! I mean ... hey Python user! Have you ever wished that customising your Python environment could be as easy as trying different outfits on your Barbie? Well turns out it is! With virtual environments, you can create isolated Python projects with different dependencies and versions. Read our Barbie-themed guide to get started!

Reproducible reports with Jupyter

Authors: Parisa Gregg & Myles Mitchell

Jupyter notebooks are a popular tool for data scientists using Python. They allow us to mix together plain text (formatted as Markdown) with Python code. In this post, we will show you how to produce reproducible PDF and HTML reports from a Jupyter notebook using Quarto.

July Training Update

Author: Myles Mitchell

Embark on your programming odyssey with our extensive range of courses! Never written a line of code in your life? No stress - we offer a mix of introductory courses for beginners as well as more advanced courses for those looking to expand their knowledge further.

Diffify - the anniversary update!

Author: Myles Mitchell

It's been just over a year since we introduced the world to diffify, our app for comparing package releases. To celebrate reaching this milestone, we're pleased to announce that an "anniversary update" has just gone live! Read on to learn about the latest changes and some exciting plans in the works…

Quarto for the Python user

Authors: Parisa Gregg & Myles Mitchell

As data scientists we often need to communicate conclusions drawn from data. Additionally, as more data is collected, our reports invariably need updating. In this blog post we will look at how Quarto allows us to weave together text and Python code to generate automated reports.

Diffify - Python release

Author: Myles Mitchell

We are excited to finally release Python content on Diffify! You can now perform version comparisons for 1600 popular PyPI packages. Read on to learn about the new content, and our plans to expand this as we look to the future.

Have we got NEWS.md for you

Authors: Myles Mitchell & Parisa Gregg

Roll up, roll up! Most R packages contain a NEWS file which documents the changes between each release. However, there is no definitive convention for how to format this file. In this post we will share some top tips for writing NEWS files, so that by the end you will be able to tell “good” NEWS from “fake” NEWS!

Diffify - 3 months on

Authors: Myles Mitchell & Clarissa Barratt

What a few months it's been for Diffify, our new app for comparing package releases! We’ve been delighted with the enthusiastic response and quick adoption by the R community. Read on to learn about just some of many updates we’ve made to the app since launch day, and how we are actively addressing your feedback as we look to the future.

Stylising your Python code

Authors: Parisa Gregg & Myles Mitchell

Have you ever wished your code could be as stylish as you? Linting is a process which helps ensure the format and style of your code adheres to best coding practices. Read on to learn about linters and auto-formatters, and start adding some PEP to your Python!