Dr Rhian Davies

Reading large spatial data

Author: Rhian Davies

Reading in large spatial data can sometimes be a pain. Here are some simple things to consider when working in spatial data in R and tips for breaking large data sets into more manageable chunks.

RSS International Conference 2023

Authors: Clarissa Barratt & Rhian Davies

The Royal Statistical Society International conference is next week and Jumping Rivers are exhibiting at the conference, as well as delivering workshops and talks. The draft program can now be viewed online, so we wanted to let you know where you can find us at the event and some of the other sessions we are looking forward to.

Refactoring Russian Doll Code

Author: Rhian Davies

Have you ever inherited a pile of messy code? Or perhaps you wrote some code a long time ago and it needs some TLC? Here are our tips for refactoring messy code.