Sebastian Mellor

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Sebastian has a 1st Class Honours MMathStat in Mathematics & Statistics from Newcastle University. He has multiple publications on machine learning, sensor deployments and infrastructure, and data visualisation.

Developing React Apps in RStudio Workbench

Author: Sebastian Mellor

RStudio Workbench provides a development environment for R, Python, and many other languages. When developing a performant web application you may progress from Shiny towards tools like Plumber. As a Shiny developer, one popular front-end library you might already be familiar with is React.

ReCoding the Wall: Mixing art and code

Author: Sebastian Mellor

At Jumping Rivers we often collaborate with the local community. This includes attending regional events such as those run by Creative FUSE, a partnership between the North East’s five universities. I recently attended an event at the National Glass Centre called ReCoding the Wall.