Theo Roe

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Theo holds a 1st Class Honours MMathStat in Mathematics & Statistics from Newcastle University. He is the author of many of the Jumping Rivers courses and works with a range of clients.

Content Security Policy - Why You Need It

Author: Theo Roe

Content Security Policy (CSP) is a framework of modern (ish) browsers used to give applications an extra layer of security - safeguarding against attacks such as cross-site scripting. In this blog, we aim to introduce the concept of Content Security Policy and teach some of the technical aspects.

Regular Expressions Every R programmer Should Know

Author: Theo Roe

Regular expressions. How they can be cruel! Well we're here to make them a tad easier. To do so we're going to make use of the {stringr} package. We're going to use the str_detect() and str_subset() functions. In particular the latter. str_detect() is used to detect whether a string contains a certain pattern.

Which world leaders are twitter bots?

Author: Theo Roe

Given that I do quite like twitter, I thought it would be a good idea to right about R’s interface to the twitter API; {rtweet}. As usual, we can grab the package in the usual way. We’re also going to need the {tidyverse} for the analysis, {rvest} for some initial webscraping of twitter names, {lubridate} for some date manipulation and {stringr} for some minor text mining.

The Trouble with Tibbles

Author: Theo Roe

Let’s get something straight, there isn’t really any trouble with tibbles. I’m hoping you’ve noticed this is a play on 1967 Star Trek episode, “The Trouble with Tribbles”. I’ve recently got myself a job as a Data Scientist, here, at Jumping Rivers. Having never come across tibbles until this point, I now find myself using them in nearly every R script I compose.


Author: Theo Roe

As time goes on, your R scripts are probably getting longer and more complicated, right? Timing parts of your script could save you precious time when re-running code over and over again. Today I’m going to go through the 4 main functions for doing so.