Dr Tim Brock

Headshot of Tim Brock

Tim has a PhD in physics from the University of York. He is a web developer with a passion for bringing data science and visualisation to the browser using JavaScript libraries and frameworks like d3 and Vue.

Fullscreen Ahead for Shiny Applications

Author: Tim Brock

Browsers have been implementing variations on a JavaScript fullscreen API for over a decade. Unfortunately, for much of that time the APIs varied across browsers. This made actually using it in production somewhat cumbersome. In this blog, we show you how to put parts of your Shiny application into fullscreen with only a few lines of JavaScript.

Optimising tooltip design with modern CSS

Author: Tim Brock

Tooltips in interactive graphics provide a means of giving the user precise details about particular features of the underlying dataset. Using some simple CSS, this post explores how tweaking the design of tooltips can improve the user's experience.