Jumping Rivers 2021 Online Training Schedule

Author: John McIntyre

Published: May 18, 2021

Good news! In tandom with the loosening of lockdown restrictions, Jumping Rivers has released the updated 2021 public, online training course schedule. We are offering courses across multiple programming languages, including R, Python, Stan, Scala and git. In the past year, we have converted all of our courses to be online friendly and have recieved great feedback in relation to interactivity, course structure and overall attendee satisfaction. Some examples of feedback we have recieved can be seen below:

“The live coding was well structured and the screen share made it very immersive.”

“I thought the delivery of the content was well presented, and extremely easy to follow”

“Lots of exercises to test knowledge as the course proceeded. Clear explanations for everything. Friendly and engaging presenter.”

Early bird offers are currently avaiable for selected courses and all courses come with a 25% student/academic discount. A summary of the training courses on offer can be seen below:


  • Introduction to R: Learn the fundamentals of R and how to import, summarise and plot data using the {tidyverse}.

  • Programming with R: Fundamental R techniques such as functions, for loops and conditional expressions.



  • Git For Me: A Git course on the importance of tracking project progress via version control.



  • Python and Tensorflow: Learn the main ideas of deep learning and how to implement them in practice with tensorflow.

  • Advanced Graphics with R: Learn the much coveted {ggplot2} package. The {ggplot2} package can create advanced and informative graphics.


  • Spatial Data Analysis with R: Discussing how to apply R’s powerful suite of geographical tools to their own problems.

  • Reporting with R Markdown: Learn how to dynamically create static/interactive documents; automate the re-generation of these reports with respect to the data in question.

For further information on any of our upcoming courses please visit our public course page.

If you would like to get in touch directly with any queries then please email us at

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