Webinars: Practical Advice for R in Production

Author: Colin Gillespie

Published: July 19, 2021

Many organisations have a robust infrastructure that allows their data science teams to provide, fast and reliable insights. But for many groups, they are just starting down this path.

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We, Jumping Rivers, have partnered with RStudio to launch a two-part webinar series which examines and explores the usage of R in production environments. The first webinar will discuss the big picture of using open source languages and tools in enterprise environments. We’ll investigate typical set-ups which many companies employ when implementing R in production. Borrowing from the idea of Code Smell, we’ll think about “R in Production”. That is, set-ups that seem OK at first glance, but on closer inspection are lacking. We’ll end the first webinar, by discussing successful set-ups companies have adopted.

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The second webinar will be a hands-on workshop to gain certain skills for securely putting R in production. If you are interested, in saying how RStudio tools can make your data science life easier, then this is the workshop for you.

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