Job: Shiny Developer

Author: Jumping Rivers

Published: March 12, 2021

We are currently developing a SAAS Shiny application. We have a prototype that is functional, but not ready for release. Your role will be to refactor the application, and push it towards public release. The core requirements for this role is Shiny experience, plus CSS and Javascript. If you have experience in deployment that’s great, but isn’t required.

This Shiny application will be your main role, but not your only one. As a small company, we often take on a variety of jobs. In particular, helping out with new and on-going Shiny related projects. An approximate split would be 2.5 days on the SAAS Shiny app and 2.5 days on other projects.

Location: Remote, but within the UK.

Salary: ~£25K - £40K

Application: CVs can be submitted via

Technical duties:

  • Building web applications using R and Shiny
  • Basic data analysis using R and/or Python
  • Depending on the applicant, provide technical training

Client contact:

  • Attend on-site client meetings (at some point in the future)
  • Off-site meetings via video conference call


The following is to give you a flavour of how Jumping Rivers runs internally. If you have never used these tools, don’t worry, we can teach you.

Almost everyone uses Linux, from the Admin team to the data scientists. We all use GitLab. Our main languages are R & Python.

Preferred Experience

  • Shiny experience! One of your first interview questions will ask you to take us through a recent Shiny application you have developed.
  • CSS and Javascript

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