Competition: StanCon 2018 ticket

Published: November 29, 2017

Today we are happy to announce our Stan contest. Something we feel very strongly at Jumping Rivers is giving back to the community. We have benefited immensely from hard work by numerous people, so when possible, we try to give something back. This year we’re sponsoring StanCon 2018. If you don’t know,

Stan is freedom-respecting, open-source software for facilitating statistical inference at the frontiers of applied statistics.

Or to put it another way, it makes Bayesian inference fast and (a bit) easier. StanCon is the premier conference for all things Stan related and this year it will take place at the Asilomar Conference Grounds, a National Historic Landmark on the Monterey Peninsula right on the beach.

Our interaction with Stan is via the excellent R package, {rstan} and the introduction to stan course we run.

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The prize

One of the benefits of sponsoring a conference is free tickets. Unfortunately, we can’t make StanCon this year, so we’ve decided to give away the ticket via a competition.

How do I enter?

Entering the contest is straightforward. We want a nice image to use in our introduction to stan course. This can be a cartoon, some neat looking densities, whatever you think!

For example, my first attempt at a logo resulted in

Pretty enough, but lacking something.

Once you’ve come up with your awesome image, simply email with a link to the image. If the image was generated in R (or other language), than the associated code would be nice. The deadline is the 6th December.

By popular demand, we’ve moved the deadline to 11th December


  • Can I submit more than one image? Feel free.
  • Who owns the copyright? Our intention is to make the image CC0. However, we’re happy to change the copyright to suit. The only proviso is that we can use the image for our {rstan} course.
  • Another question. Contact us via the contact page.

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