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In last weeks post we tantalised you with upcoming R & data science conferences, but from a cost point of view, not all R conferences are the same. Using the R conference site, it’s fairly easy to compare the cost of previous R conferences.

I selected the main conferences over the last few years and obtained the cost for the full ticket (including any tutorial days, but ignoring any discounts). Next, I converted all prices to dollars and calculated the cost per day.

ConferenceCost ($)#Days$ per day
eRum 201630310
SatRday 201782327
useR! 20177704192
R Finance 20176002300
rstudio::conf 20189953331
New York R7252362
Earl London11913397

The conferences fall into two camps business oriented and more general R conferences; useR! is somewhere in the middle. A simple bar plot highlights the extreme difference in cost per day

I think the organisers of eRum and SatRdays should be proud of themselves for keeping the cost down; it would also be really useful if the organisers wrote a blog post giving more general tips for keeping the cost down.

I’m going to resist commenting on the conferences since I have only ever attended useR! (which is excellent), but in terms of speakers, most conferences have the same keynotes, so this year I’ll be looking at eRum 2018 (sadly useR! is a bit too far away from me).

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  1. I went to the first eRum in 2016 and I can thoroughly recommend it. I suspect that the cost is partially kept down by being held in a country where things are cheap generally (Poland). I managed to get a round of drinks for 8 people for less than £5!As for the conference itself, there was a good mix of statisticians and practitioners, with some big name keynote speakers as usual and a range of session tracks that meant you were likely to find something interesting to you in each session. The conference dinner was held in their main sports stadium so definitely not cutting costs there; it easily accommodated everyone. The organizers themselves were very friendly and well organized, things appeared to run smoothly with no (perceived) panic or last minute changes.For those who can’t make the trip out of the EU to the UseR! conference in the off years it is most definitely a viable alternative, I would also recommend it as a change if people fancy one.

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