Free ticket to eRum

Published: February 2, 2018

So… big news.

Jumping Rivers is sponsoring eRum 2018 and in light of this news we are giving away a free place at the conference!

(Not to mention our very own lead consultant, Colin Gillespie, is one of the invited speakers.)

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The Main Competition

Here at Jumping Rivers, we maintain the site meetingsR. This comprises of three comprehensive lists:

  1. All upcoming (and foregone) R conferences.
  2. All R useR groups from around the globe.
  3. All R-Ladies groups from around the globe.

See the GitHub repo for the contents.

All we are asking for is a visualisation or dashboard of meetingsR. For example, it could be a visualisation of the useR group locations, or a dashboard based on the conference costs or …

The best one wins a free place at eRum 2018!

To give the winner apt time to prepare for their trip to Budapest in May, the deadline will be 5pm on Monday 2nd April.

Not only that, but if we feel like the winners solution fits the meetingsR site, we’ll incorporate it in the site! Credit given, of course.

Solutions should be e-mailed to and if possible they should be held on a public repository on something such as GitHub.

Good luck!

The Secondary Competition

Regardless of the visualisation, we’ll need an R script to parse the current .Rmd files and extract the conference and group urls & locations. Rather than have everyone suffering parsing hell, we’ll send a free copy of Efficient R Programming to the first reasonable attempt at a parsing script (if we have a few scripts, we can send more than one copy).

Just email

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