Job: Junior Systems Administrator (with a focus on R/Python)

Published: October 17, 2019

Job: Junior Systems Administrator (with a focus on R/Python)

Jumping Rivers is a data science consultancy company focused on R and Python. We work across industries and throughout the world. We offer a mixture of training, modelling, and infrastructure support. Jumping Rivers is an RStudio Full Service Certified Partner.

This role is suitable for anyone interested in deploying (Linux-based) data science services and contains two main elements:

  • Client facing: assess virtual servers & services. Identify potential issues or improvements.
  • Internal: Everyone(!) at Jumping Rivers uses Linux. Provide support on setting-up systems.

Depending on the interests of the applicant, getting involved with training is also a possibility.

Location: Jumping Rivers is based in Newcastle upon Tyne. However, half of the team are remote (Leeds, Lancaster, Edinburgh). To make remote working a possibility, you need a) a good internet connection and b) within a few hours of (train) travel to London or Edinburgh.

Essential technical requirements

  • Linux server administration
  • Shell scripting
  • Version control
  • Relevant technical degree or equivalent experience (Sciences, server administration)


  • Experience with R, Python, HTML/CSS/JS
  • Docker stack deployment (e.g., Docker Compose, Terraform, Packer)
  • Continuous Integration and Deployment (e.g., GitLab CI, Travis)
  • Authentication services (e.g., Active Directory, SAML, LDAP, OAuth)

Individual responsibilities

  • Time management
  • Communication (video chat and email)
  • Travel to client’s location as required
  • Work independently
  • Work as part of a team

Future role opportunities

  • Opportunity to develop new orchestration and deployment pipelines for use in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning workloads.
  • Maintaining remote Linux services both cloud-based and internal VPS
  • Designing bespoke infrastructure solutions clients
  • Training: develop and deliver courses

To discuss this role, please email us at . To apply, please send a short covering letter and CV. Please use “Junior Systems Administrator” as the subject.

Closing date: 14th November