RStudio2022: Talks to watch out for

Author: Colin Gillespie & Nicola Rennie

Published: July 26, 2022

rstudio::conf(2022) is well underway and, after two days of workshops, the main talks begin tomorrow. Here are our highlights of talks we’re most excited about!

The Past and Future of Shiny

If you are interested in Shiny, then this keynote by Joe Cheng will be top of your list. As he says in his abstract, it’s hard to believe that Shiny was released ten years ago.

Why attend: Shiny is key to a lot of what we do at Jumping Rivers. We build, maintain and deploy apps weekly, if not daily!

Packages and Process

Ellis Hughes is talking about how his team use R packages to help streamline processes at GSK. Since he works in a validated environment, he has particular challenges to overcome.

Why attend: I think we’re pretty slick with packages at Jumping Rivers. However, there is always something to improve.

dbcooper: Turn any database into an R or Python package

David Robinson is going to discuss the {dbcooper} package, which turns a database connection into a collection of accessor functions, letting users take advantage of autocomplete as they browse a database in the same ways they would engage with local tables.

Why attend: I understand the concept, but would like to understand how the package would be used in anger. Also, David is an excellent speaker!

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These are a few of my favorite things (about Quarto presentations)

In this talk, Tracy Teal will discuss some of the best things about making interactive HTML presentations with Quarto.

Why attend: I’ve been using RMarkdown for presentations for a while and recently switched to Quarto, so I’m curious to explore the features I haven’t found yet.

R, Python, and Tableau: A Love Triangle

James Blair will discuss how users can gain more advanced analytic capabilities in their Tableau dashboards by also using R and Python.

Why attend: At Jumping Rivers we’re already a bilingual company who use both R and Python, and we’ve recently started using Tableau as well. I’m excited to see how all three work together at once!

What they forgot to teach you about becoming an open source contributor

Nic Crane will be talking about their journey from occasional open source contributor to full time project maintainer, and answering some of the unknowns about contributing to open source projects.

Why attend: Open source projects are one of the best parts of the R community, and something we’re passionate about at Jumping Rivers.

Jumping Rivers Talks / Events

Comparing package versions with Diffify

Colin will be talking about in a lighting talk. diffify is a tool that allows you to easily compare package versions.

Say Hello! to Multilingual Shiny Apps

Nicola will be discussing how we built a multilingual Shiny app, why it’s important, and why it’s not so simple in a lightning talk.

Birds of a Feather: Government Public Sector

If you work in Government or the Public sector, make sure you attend the lunchtime Birds of a Feather. BoF allows you to meet people from the same industry to discuss your challenges and successes!

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