Sponsorship: SatRdays and useR Groups

Published: December 5, 2019


SatRdays are great. Low cost R events, held around the world. What’s not to love!

For the last year, we have been offering automatic sponsorship for all SatRday events. All the organisers have to do is complete a quick questionnaire and the money is sent on it’s way. So far we have sponsored seven events!

So if you are organising a SatRday, feel free to tap us for sponsorship! We’re particularly proud of how frictionless we’ve made the process.

Do you use RStudio Pro? If so, checkout out our managed RStudio services

useR / R-Ladies Groups

Now that we’ve tested the water with SatRday sponsorship, we thought we would do the same with useR groups. Due the large numbers of useR groups, there are over 400, we can’t open this up to the world (sorry). To start with we plan on offering sponsorship to twenty groups from Europe. Hopefully, we can increase this number.

So if you want sponsorship for your group, just complete this quick form

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