Training course update - Autumn 2022

Author: Clarissa Barratt

Published: October 18, 2022

Here at Jumping Rivers we like to keep our courses up to date so we can bring you training on the latest tools and technologies. To this end, we have recently added two new courses to our listing!

Whether you want to start from scratch, or improve your skills, Jumping Rivers has a training course for you.

Reporting with Quarto

Do you create interactive documents that always need to be updated when the data changes? Then this course is for you. Quarto is a multi-language open source publishing tool that allows for the creation of dynamic content with Python, R, Julia and Observable.

Shiny for Python

Do you want to provide interactive visualisation and data exploration features for users who do not have Python and data science skills? Discover how easy it can be with Python for Shiny to develop an application for exploring data without relying on web development or external BI tools.

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