Fujifilm: Shiny Dashboard Creation for Experimental Risk Assessments

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The Challenge

Prior to engagement with Jumping Rivers, Fujifilm used an Excel-based tool for experimental risk assessments. This tool collated all data surrounding the process, including experimental parameters, comments, recommendations, and scoring data for a number of metrics.

The tool was difficult to update and prone to breaking due to the rigid structure imposed by Excel. Further, versioning the reports and keeping track of the data was impossible without some central management of the process for updating the document.

The Project

After engaging with users, IT and stakeholders to understand the needs of the project, Jumping Rivers began to design and outline a solution. The plan incorporated structured training, aiding in maximising the utility of open source software solutions on a daily basis.

Our Results

Jumping Rivers designed and built a new dashboard interface to the data entry process, to be run from a centralised location that would collate all data in an accessible consistent structure. The web-based solution allows the tool to be easily accessible and scalable if needed. A templated structure to the data entry process ensures that users are consistent across the business. Customised pdf reports can be automatically generated, as well as structured documents. Data at any historic snapshot throughout the risk assessment process can be explored through the dashboard allowing the process to be reviewed at any stage.