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The Challenge

Stakeholders for SDS are presented results of research studies in Powerpoint, with graphs generated in Excel and manually transferred into the presentation. They recently expressed a desire to convert this to an automated process, adopting R to perform the analysis and generate the reports. The SDS team were also keen on upskilling in the techniques that JR would be using, such that a significant amount of upskilling is required to allow this to take place.

The Project

Jumping Rivers were brought in by SDS to provide training to the team on an ongoing basis in order to upskill them with everything required to support a project using R and git. Whilst training the team, Jumping Rivers are also working alongside the SDS team, assisting in producing the R scripts for the research projects. The aim is, that as the project progresses, the ratio of work done by the JR team to SDS will change until JR is supporting only.

Our Results

The aim of this project is to upskill the team at SDS, allowing them to utilise R for their data cleaning and data analysis, as well as using git for project management. We have begun in-person training sessions with the team, starting with git and an Introduction to R. The project has been initialised with a member of the JR team coordinating with those at SDS to continue more specific training on the project.