TRACS International: Dashboard Development for Monte Carlo Simulation

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The Challenge

At the end of 2017, TRACS International contacted Jumping Rivers. TRACS International estimates the volumes of oil and gas in subsurface reservoirs. Their work involves combining a set of inputs for each reservoir layer (such as area, thickness, and up to five other inputs) – and then multiplying these inputs together.

Each input has a range of uncertainty associated with it. The uncertainty can be estimated using a probability distribution. One method of combining these inputs is by using Monte Carlo simulations. In addition, there may be more than one reservoir layer in the discovery – these layers need to be added together to estimate the total volume in the discovery.

Before contacting Jumping Rivers, TRACS was using a solution costing around £800 per licence.

The Project

TRACS contacted Jumping Rivers to construct a web-based dashboard for use in training.

Our Results

We constructed a web-based dashboard, MCApp, which can be used to simulate different reservoir layers. Course participants can access the dashboard using a standard web-browser and, since the tool is web-based, the graphics on display are now interactive. The dashboard we developed used free and open-source technology, removing the cost of the company’s licence fees.

To overcome the potential challenge of poor internet access, we created an App on a stick. We stored the entire dashboard on a USB stick, which can be distributed around a classroom of participants, allowing them to perform Monte Carlo simulations simultaneously.