COVID-19 vaccination programme monitoring application

Dashboard screenshot showing a map of Europe highlighted based on Covid-19 vaccination uptake

World Health Organization Europe


International public health

The Challenge

The COVID-19 pandemic threw the world into disarray at the beginning of 2020. Nobody knew how long it would last, or what the damage would be. The medical research community immediately got to work on finding a vaccine so that the world could return to normal as soon as possible. As a result of these worldwide efforts, the first vaccine was administered in December 2020, less than a year after the initial outbreak.

Even the vaccine rollout could not be predicted—the immunisation of an entire planet is quite the logistical challenge. The World Health Organization Europe (WHO/Europe) has been keeping track across Europe in an app which collects vaccine data from each country and displays it in an easy to understand graphic.

This, of course, takes a huge amount of coordination; different countries have data sets in different forms, some report daily doses administered, others give monthly cumulative counts—the possibilities are endless. All of this needs to be accounted for when designing an app to automatically read in the data.

The Project

As the pandemic is still ongoing, the data collected keeps increasing. This presents challenges in ensuring the app doesn’t become slow and unresponsive to use. Jumping Rivers were approached to assist in managing the existing infrastructure and streamlining the app.

As you can imagine, it is a busy time over at the WHO/Europe, so Jumping Rivers have also been automating as much of the app as possible, so that those working at the WHO/Europe can devote more time to keeping the world healthy and safe.

Our Results

The team at Jumping Rivers have been providing ongoing support for the WHO/Europe Covid vaccinations app. A significant portion of previously manual, time consuming tasks have been automated, and the app is now robust enough to handle the ever changing landscape of COVID-19 data.

Jumping Rivers have also implemented a CI/CD workflow, which allows them to react quickly to any errors in the incoming data, minimising downtime and ensuring the data in the app is as accurate and up to date as possible.