Project 1: Training

In the spring of 2018, NHS Scotland expressed a need to move from their existing software, SPSS and SAS, to using R.
The difficulty they faced was that there are over 200 data scientists in NHS Scotland, which made training everyone in the new software a logistical challenge.

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Project 2: Consultancy + training

The Institute and Faculty of Actuaries required a platform that would allow their students to undertake examinations which had an R programming element, but which did not need students to download or install any software.

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Project 3: Consultancy

At the end of 2017, AGR TRACS International contacted Jumping Rivers. AGR TRACS International estimates the volumes of oil and gas in subsurface reservoirs. Their work involves combining a set of inputs for each reservoir layer (such as area, thickness, and up to five other inputs) – and then multiplying these inputs together.

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Project 4: Shiny Consultancy

The customer’s in-house data science team have developed a Shiny application using the RStudio desktop IDE. The customer wishes to develop this Shiny application into a product/service that may be provided to their own clients.

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