We help our clients move from data storage to data insights.

Here at Jumping Rivers, we love data science. One of the huge benefits of data science is transparency. For example, R. Being an open-source language, it immediately is giving something back to the community that propels it to the top of the data science ladder. Just like the world of data science, our ethos is transparency and giving back to the community.

We don't just provide training and consultancy, you know? Our team run events such as the Data Science Meetup in Leeds and Newcastle. We're constantly writing blog posts on methods for improving your programming habits. These posts are then syndicated by sites such as python- and r-bloggers.

Our CTO, Colin Gillespie, has also written a book on such habits! We even ran a competition where one lucky person won a free ticket to eRum!

Organising a conference or meetup? We offer sponsorship for various data science related events! Simply fill out this form for your event and we'll see what we can do!

Basically, from the top to the bottom of Jumping Rivers, we're about helping you.