Data Engineering

Our team of data engineers can help you to get the most out of your data science platforms, while ensuring that your data is safe and secure. We can also support you in developing your data processes with continuous integration and scheduling through platforms such as GitLab and GitHub.

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Architecture and security

Data security is of the utmost importance. Our security team can check your systems against security best practices, to ensure that you keep your data, and your clients' data, safe and secure.

Infrastructure and maintenance

Our team of data engineers can support and manage your data infrastructure, taking the maintenance burden off you, and allowing you to concentrate on the data science.


Our data engineers are available to assist with whatever data engineering problems you come across. We can provide people-power to help you explore your systems and make sure they work for you.

To get started, get in touch and our representatives will get back to you to discuss your needs.

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Our Credentials

Jumping Rivers has delivered quality data insights from day 1. Based in Newcastle and founded in 2016, the company is bringing a fresh approach to the world of data analytics.

  • Authors with O'Reilly
  • Peer-reviewed papers
  • Live courses with O'Reilly
  • Regular speakers at conferences across the world
  • Partners with the National Innovation Centre for Data
  • Partners with Posit, Anaconda and H2O
  • Active sponsors for user groups across the world
  • ISO 9001 compliant - Quality management
  • ISO 27001 compliant - Information security
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