Need to improve your data science pipeline?

Are you...

  • having problems with your existing data science pipeline?
  • worrying about moving from testing to production?
  • dreading updating your packages?

Whether you’re running RStudio or Jupyter, we’ll help you ensure your installation is correct, complete – and delivering optimal results.

Jumping Rivers is an RStudio Full-Service Certified Provider. Our clients include NHS Scotland, Shell, Sustrans, and The Institute and Faculty of Actuaries.



How a data science health check can help

Not only will our data science health check give you peace of mind, but we’ll also ensure:

  • All packages are correctly installed and functioning smoothly
  • Each person in your organisation gets the same results from your software – every time
  • Your data is easy to access, across your organisation
  • Each analysis is 100% reproducible, every time, across the board
  • Your data is secure
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How we work

Step 1

Getting started

We’ll arrange a free video call to discover the details of your project. Then, working with the existing knowledge of your team and within the infrastructure of your organisation, we’ll identify how we can help you.

If needed, we can also arrange an on-site visit.

Step 2

Understanding your needs

We’ll talk to your data science and in-house IT teams and, with their help, we’ll evaluate your existing data processing and any requirements you have regarding your software development and application deployment systems.

We will evaluate the following:

  • Your existing data processing
  • Software development system and requirements
  • Application deployment system and requirements

Are you using the right tools for the job?
We’ll work to ensure your suite of data science tools can handle the increasing velocity and complexity of data – and the demands placed upon the outputs.

Are you using the right model?
We’ll validate and check your model to assess if your machine learning/AI model is sensible. We’ll also explore if there’s a problem or a way to optimise your training procedure.

Is your data reproducible?
Approaching all aspects of your potential data science solution with a view to its reproducibility helps to validate the work that’s done – and makes your processes more efficient.

Can you understand and scale your potential data science solution?
Developing reproducible models, deployment and or insights can help you understand and scale potential data science solutions.

Reviewing security for peace of mind
We’ll conduct a security review, which includes two-factor authentication, encryption, and the hashing of sensitive information.

Step 3

Seamless onboarding and set up

We’ll conduct a remote assessment to evaluate the scope of your business requirements. This evaluation will explore:

  • The design and deployment of RStudio Connect
  • The maintenance demands of your existing infrastructure.
data science health check

Our onboarding process involves:

  • A demonstration of your existing systems and applications
    – their purpose
    – expected usage & known users
    – integration with other systems or websites
  • A demonstration of current or expected development and deployment procedure of any applications
    – the management of any linked data or app users
  • An assessment of any existing IT support teams – the availability of:
    – hardware resources
    – virtual machines
    – in-house or cloud resources
    – remote access procedures
    – networking requirements

Then we’ll explore the configurations in use on your existing systems, which will cover:

  • Your configuration, networking and/or any reverse proxies
  • The provision and registration of SSL certificates, if required
  • External database or authentication gateways, when needed
  • The introduction of relevant management tools for virtual machine resources

Step 4

Seamless RStudio Connect deployment

To test your existing installation, we offer infrastructure deployment.

This can be provided both with or without reproducible infrastructure, depending on the needs of your business and whether or not you have a backup image that we can provision, update and test.

This includes:

  • Remote access configuration
  • Software licence purchases
  • Reproducible infrastructure development
  • Testing existing installation
  • Deployment onto your hardware
  • Any additional debugging or fixing
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NHS Scotland

"Pace of delivery was just right, good mix of walked through examples and practical exercises. The course was clearly and methodically taught, the practical examples were realistic, and the tutors were friendly and approachable. Instructors - really friendly, helpful and patient."

Francis Crick

"Overall, it is a great course for absolute beginners. Good course, really helpful, good amount of time to practise the code learnt"

Shell International Petroleum Company

Alex Hancock - Global IT Manager: Data & Analytics

"Colin's excellent training on R is now the gold standard for my team. The combination of theory, practical examples, and his flare for instruction make the training very accessible, and have really helped us leverage the power of R."

Nicole Avison


"I have attended several of Colin's R programming courses over the last few years. In delivering courses to our department he tailored the courses to our line of work, which really helped in applying the theory to real life. Colin has also helped me learn how to apply version control to our R code, which has resulted in us piloting a new way of developing R code."

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