Visualisation and Dashboards

As analytical output becomes more prevalent, its relevance and usability for non-analytical business people become even more critical. After all, delivering better decision-making information is the crucial reason for analytics in the first place.

Our team can help you utilise visualisation techniques to create maximum impact and understanding, developing interactive dashboards, reports and web applications that are automated and accessible to those without any analytics or programming knowledge.

Logos of Dash, Shiny, Power BI, Plumber, JavaScript (unofficial) and D3.

What Can We Do For You?

We specialise in creating dashboards, reports and web applications using a variety of tools and techniques. Alongside R and Python specialists, our team includes experts in server-side technologies like Azure and AWS as well as client-side JavaScript APIs and visualisation libraries like d3.js. All of this is combined with a wealth of mathematics, statistics and machine learning expertise.

Screenshot of the WHO Covid-19 vaccine monitoring application.

Using responsive design, we can turn your dashboards and applications from something that may only work well for someone sitting at a desk with a monitor and mouse to something that can also be used effectively on small touchscreen devices while sitting on a bus. And most scenarios in between. We can also help you bring your app to the widest possible audience by fixing many common accessibility issues.

Screenshots of Diffify on both a we browser and mobile

Furthermore, from the optimal design and placement of interactive elements to implementing data-visualisation best practices, we've got it covered. By combining the science of how humans see, perceive and interpret sensory information with years of experience of designing with the front-end web stack, we can ensure you won’t have to choose between form and function.

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By building template frameworks that follow best practice UI and UX techniques, we streamline your workflow, allowing you to create informative outputs at the click of a button. We also offer mentoring to your data science teams and more in-depth training on specific languages and tools.

Cartoon of a dashboard

Take a Look for Yourself


Dashboard Health Check

Ensuring your application follows the latest standards

  • Code structure
  • Continuous Integration and continuous deployment
  • Accessibility
  • Server and webpage security
  • Documentation
  • Testing and validation
  • Application Performance

Application Building and Maintenance

Design, build and maintain

  • Collating user requirements
  • Interface and interaction design
  • API integration
  • Responsive design for mobile
  • Browser testing
  • Code refactoring
  • Application performance
  • Deployment


Support in making your application fully accessible

  • Identify and correct common issues
  • Fix WCAG 2.1 accessibility failures identified in third-party reports (up to AA standard)
  • Integrate brand aesthetics and styling in an accessibile way
  • Advise on best practices
  • Run workshops

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