Posit Health Check

If your Posit Team products set-up isn't working for you, or you've noticed bugs, quirks and instability, our Posit Health check is for you. Our team of Posit specialists can check your configuration for you and ensure that it's set up correctly, so you can make the most of your Posit products.

What Can We Do For You?

The data engineering team at Jumping Rivers can provide that expertise, comparing each Posit product (Posit Workbench, Posit Connect, Posit Package Manager) against our library of best practices for Posit product configurations, and generating a report to see how your set up matches up!


Ideal for checking security concerns and major functionality

  • Configuration check against established best practices
  • Summary of highest priority issues


Great for more in depth testing, and addressing specific issues

  • As base
  • Server heading assessment
  • Check that standard deployments/applications run as expected
  • Verify R, Python and Quarto installation
  • User risk assessment
  • Determine missing system libraries
  • Engineer resolution time


Perfect to ensure all issues are addressed by professionals

  • As standard
  • Authentication check
  • Server provision assessment
  • Specific guidance on issue resolution
  • Assess VM size

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