Posit Managed Services

With a large variety of clients globally in fields ranging from local government, insurance, finance and pharmaceuticals, our Data and Cloud Engineers can provide a fully managed platform consisting of all your Posit (formerly RStudio) products while abiding to best practice configuration. As one of a small list of Full-Service certified Posit Partners, we have significant experience deploying, supporting, maintaining and extending the functionality of the Posit Connect, Workbench and Package Manager products.

Why Us?

Using our tried and tested infrastructure setup process, we provide resilient data science platforms. With Posit products at the centre, these platforms are built for testing, pre-production and production depending on your needs. We’ll provide 24/7 uptime monitoring, look after your SSL certificates, input your Posit licences at renewal, maintain the servers and provide regular updates.

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With our Managed Posit platform, you can spend your time concentrating on getting value from your data, instead of the pressure to maintain, update and keep your servers secure. Hosted on AWS, we provide a handover to your new platform which will be accessible through your browser, while we provide all support and maintenance in the background.

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Through years of industry experience of application and data infrastructure deployments, our Data and Cloud Engineers are uniquely well-placed to design, build and maintain a performance optimised data processing platform based around Posit products, as well as provide advice and consultancy on your existing Posit setup.

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At Jumping Rivers, we want to make sure that you go away with the knowledge to get the most out of your Posit installation. Our data specialists and trainers have developed training courses to introduce you to the ins and outs of the products, so you can spend more time concentrating on your data.

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Our Managed Service Options

Ad-hoc Support

Ideal for organisations with existing infrastructure requiring support.

  • Support team available through email or video call
  • Posit license management
  • System dependency installation
  • Assistance with your Shiny app deployment and responsiveness queries
  • Code and modelling assistance
  • No server access required

Bespoke Posit Deployment and Management

Fully tailored, support and service for the modern data organisation.

  • Highly available infrastructure
  • Scalable anayses with Kubernetes and Slurm
  • Automated security patching
  • Integration with existing identity provider
  • Peace of mind with 24/7 monitoring
  • Expertise in compliant infrastructure
  • Leveraging your AWS investment with Posit on SageMaker
  • Managed R packages
  • Leverage your data platform with DataBricks

Managed Posit Platform

Perfect for peace of mind, without the work of hosting.

  • Jumping Rivers hosted Posit deployment means no extra work on your end
  • Up and running within one working day
  • Accessible through your browser
  • Supported and maintained by Jumping Rivers
  • Utilise GitLab for version control, CI/CD, issue tracking and more

To get started, get in touch and our representatives will get back to you to discuss your needs.

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