Highlights from Shiny in Production (2022)

Last week, we were very excited to host our first Shiny in Production conference! Attendees gathered in The Catalyst in Newcastle for two days of workshops and talks focusing on all things related to Shiny, building dashboards, and cool things you can do in R. On day one, we ran three workshops: Jack Walton ran a workshop introducing RStudio Connect - a hosting platform which makes publishing your content painless and easy.

Shiny in Production Update

Registration is now open! Organisation is now well under way for Shiny in Production on 6th-7th October! Our events team here at Jumping Rivers have been hard at work to make sure the conference is everything it promises to be. There have been a few updates over the last month or so, so we thought it was about time for another blog post to keep you all informed! Do you require help building a Shiny app?

Shiny in Production (2022)

Save the Date: 6th-7th October This October, Jumping Rivers will be holding our in-person Shiny in Production conference! Hosted in the centre of Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK, this conference will delve into the world of {shiny} and other web based R packages. We have an excellent line up of expert speakers for you from a wide range of industries, as well as an afternoon of workshops hosted by our very own Jumping Rivers R pros.

Upcoming R conferences (2022)

The daffodils are out, the sun is shining(ish), spring is in the air! And that means that it’s time to start planning for the conference season. This year we’ll be treated to a lot more in person conferences for the first time since 2020, but for those of you who either prefer the online formats, or are still a bit hesitant about attending large conferences, fear not! There are many online and hybrid conferences for you to enjoy, and we’ve included a few highlights below.

Catch us at these conferences!

At Jumping Rivers we’re always to want to branch into the data science community, and so this year we’re going to quite a few conferences in the autumn. You can catch us at: GSS (Government Statistical Service) Conference - Edinburgh From the 1-2 October, our very own Esther Gillespie (CEO) and Seb Mellor (Data Engineer) will be attending the GSS conference in Edinburgh. If you see them, feel free to chat or ask for some merch!

Thoughts on SatRday Newcastle

Earlier this month I attended the inaugural SatRday Newcastle. This was my first time attending a SatRday event, and I had a really enjoyable day. The event was sponsored by Newcastle University, Sage, RStudio and Jumping Rivers. There were over 100 attendees from across the U.K. Most attendees were from industry, although there were also a couple of academics present. There were also lots of R-Ladies, including women from the newly formed R-Ladies Newcastle, who are launching next month.

R Conference Costs v2.0

R conference Costs Last year we gave you a price break down of some of the most popular R conferences around the globe for 2017. We’re going to do it again for 2018. Remember, you can get up-to-date information on upcoming conferences via our GitHub page. It’s important to note that these costs are the prices of an industry ticket for the conference only. If you caught the tickets on early bird and are an academic/student you could see these prices fall by over 50% in some cases.

satRdays Newcastle 2019 Conference is Here!

We are pleased to announce the very first Satrday event in Newcastle upon Tyne (and England). satRdays Newcastle is a one-day, low-cost, community organised R conference in the heart of Newcastle City Centre. Where? The event will be held at Newcastle University. Getting to Newcastle is really easy Train: 90 minutes from Edinburgh or 3 hours from London. The train station is in the middle of Newcastle. Plane: Direct flights from Schiphol, Paris, Stansted, Heathrow, Dublin, Belfast.

eRum Competition Winners

The Main Competition The Secondary Competition What next? The results of the eRum competition are in! Before we announce the winners we would like to thank everyone who entered. It has been a pleasure to look at all of the ideas on show. The Main Competition The winner of the main competition is Lukasz Janiszewski. Lukasz provided a fantastic visualisation of the locations of each R user/ladies group and all R conferences.

Free ticket to eRum

So… big news. Jumping Rivers is sponsoring eRum 2018 and in light of this news we are giving away a free place at the conference! (Not to mention our very own lead consultant, Colin Gillespie, is one of the invited speakers.) Do you use Professional Posit Products? If so, checkout out our managed Posit services The Main Competition Here at Jumping Rivers, we maintain the site meetingsR. This comprises of three comprehensive lists: