TRACS International: Dashboard Development for Monte Carlo Simulation

The Challenge At the end of 2017, TRACS International contacted Jumping Rivers. TRACS International estimates the volumes of oil and gas in subsurface reservoirs. Their work involves combining a set of inputs for each reservoir layer (such as area, thickness, and up to five other inputs) – and then multiplying these inputs together. Each input has a range of uncertainty associated with it. The uncertainty can be estimated using a probability distribution.

Northumbrian Water: DMA Explorer

The Challenge Northumbrian Water came to us with the aim of improving their prediction capabilities for forecasting potential pipe burst points. The original process involved engineers surveying large areas which was often very time-consuming, and in some cases inefficient. Their previous tool to find leaks in pipes could have left customers with a longer wait for water. The main aim in this project was to best-equip engineers by providing them with an ‘Optimised DMA pack’, containing the right information at the right time.