Getting started with Tableau

What is Tableau? Tableau is a software company specialising in interactive data visualisations, and Tableau Public is a free platform they offer for sharing insights into data via visualisations. It is intended solely for public data, meaning insights are for anybody to see. They also offer Tableau Server, which is specifically for commercial use with private data. Why use Tableau? Tableau is a great option that sits between Excel-like software and using a programming language such as R or Python.

Animating the Premier League using {gganimate}

Ever wonder what an evolving gif of each premier league team’s goal difference vs points would look like made in R? Look no further! Most of this is going to be setting up the data (as always) instead of actually plotting the data. To get the data into shape, we’re going to be using the {tidyverse} and {lubridate}, which you can install the usual way via install.packages(). To animate the data we’ll be using the {gganimate} package.