North East Data Scientists Meetup

If you’re based in the North East of England and you’re looking for a place to discuss all things R with like-minded people, then you might want to check out the North East Data Scientist (NEDS) Meetups! Hosted every two months in the amazing Catalyst building in the centre of Newcastle upon Tyne, the NEDS meetups are an excellent opportunity to network with like-minded data science enthusiasts and professionals. We hold two talks at each session presented by data science experts from across the North East, and we have have recently started running pre-event workshops delivered by our very own JR trainers!

Free Workshops for Meetup Groups

For the last few years we’ve offered automatic sponsorship for meet-ups and satRday events. However for obvious COVID related reasons, most (all?) meet-ups have meeting getting together virtually, so the need for extra Pizza money has diminished. As with most organisations, we’ve had to adapted to the new online-first environment. In particular, running primarily online training courses. We’ve always ran some, online events, but now we’re running in excess of ten days of training per month on topics ranging from R, Python, Git, Shiny and Stan.