Highlights from rstudio::conf(2022)

July 25 - 28 2022 saw thousands of people attend rstudio::conf(2022) both in-person in Washington D.C. and virtually from all over the world, including a few of us from Jumping Rivers. Here’s a recap of the big news, and a few of our personal highlights from the conference! The secrets are out! There were a couple of big announcements during the conference that it would be remiss not to mention.

RStudio2022: Talks to watch out for

rstudio::conf(2022) is well underway and, after two days of workshops, the main talks begin tomorrow. Here are our highlights of talks we’re most excited about! The Past and Future of Shiny If you are interested in Shiny, then this keynote by Joe Cheng will be top of your list. As he says in his abstract, it’s hard to believe that Shiny was released ten years ago. Why attend: Shiny is key to a lot of what we do at Jumping Rivers.