Scottish Government: Fair Work Data Explorer - Shiny App

The Challenge The Fair Work Convention, set up by the Scottish government, acts as an advisory body to Scottish Ministers. The requirement was the creation of an R-Shiny application for public consumption which allows policymakers, ministers and members of the public to explore the current status of key indicators within the Fair Work Measurement Framework. The resultant application would then be handed back to the Scottish Government. The Project Jumping Rivers developed an R Shiny dashboard solution for the exploration of data.

Environment Agency: Development & Deployment of 'Water Body Explorer' Shiny App

The Challenge The environment sector generates vast amounts of data and wish to share this data to drive local action. At a Water Hub Hackathon the Environment Agency (EA) presented their current platform. Their current platform includes critical measurements used in determining overall quality of water bodies, and thus used for identifying potential projects and impact. Our winning submission included the ability to subscribe to data updates, improved visualisation, ability to look at multiple regions at once, improved user experience and modularity.

Fujifilm: Shiny Dashboard Creation for Experimental Risk Assessments

The Challenge Prior to engagement with Jumping Rivers, Fujifilm used an Excel-based tool for experimental risk assessments. This tool collated all data surrounding the process, including, experimental parameters, comments, recommendations, plus scoring data for a number of metrics. The tool was difficult to update and prone to breaking due to the rigid structure imposed by Excel. Further, versioning the reports and keeping track of the data was impossible without some central management of the process for updating the document.

Shiny Development & Deployment

The Challenge The client’s in-house data science team had developed a Shiny application using the RStudio desktop IDE. The client wished to develop this Shiny application into a product/service that may be provided to their own clients. The application the client required a thorough code review for performance and security with certain aspects needing further development (both in-house, and with Jumping Rivers’ support). This included integration with a new, secure data management service and integration with an existing user authentication service.

Offload Shiny's Workload: COVID-19 processing for the WHO/Europe

At Jumping Rivers, we have a wealth of experience developing and maintaining Shiny applications. Over the past year, we have been maintaining a Shiny application for the World Health Organization Europe (WHO/Europe) that presents data about COVID-19 vaccination uptake across Europe. The great strength of Shiny is that it simplifies the production of data-focused web applications, making it relatively easy to present data to users / clients in an interactive way.

Shiny in Production Update

Registration is now open! Organisation is now well under way for Shiny in Production on 6th-7th October! Our events team here at Jumping Rivers have been hard at work to make sure the conference is everything it promises to be. There have been a few updates over the last month or so, so we thought it was about time for another blog post to keep you all informed! Do you require help building a Shiny app?

Accessibility in R applications: {shiny}

This is part two of our two part series Part 1: The importance of web accessibility standards Part 2: Accessibility in R applications: {shiny} (this post) Web applications that are Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) compliant are becoming an increasingly prominent part of my role as a data scientist as the importance of ensuring that data products are available to all takes a more central focus. This is particularly true in the case of building solutions for public sector organisations in the UK as they are under a legal obligation to meet certain accessibility requirements.

Shiny in Production (2022)

Save the Date: 6th-7th October This October, Jumping Rivers will be holding our in-person Shiny in Production conference! Hosted in the centre of Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK, this conference will delve into the world of {shiny} and other web based R packages. We have an excellent line up of expert speakers for you from a wide range of industries, as well as an afternoon of workshops hosted by our very own Jumping Rivers R pros.

The importance of web accessibility standards

This is part one of our two part series Part 1: The importance of web accessibility standards (this post) Part 2: Accessibility in R applications: {shiny} An accessible website is more than putting content online. Making a website accessible means ensuring that it can be used by as many people as possible. Accessibility standards such as the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) help to standardise the way in which a website can interact with assistive technologies.

Job: Shiny Developer

We are currently developing a SAAS Shiny application. We have a prototype that is functional, but not ready for release. Your role will be to refactor the application, and push it towards public release. The core requirements for this role is Shiny experience, plus CSS and Javascript. If you have experience in deployment that’s great, but isn’t required. This Shiny application will be your main role, but not your only one.