Getting started with Tableau

What is Tableau? Tableau is a software company specialising in interactive data visualisations, and Tableau Public is a free platform they offer for sharing insights into data via visualisations. It is intended solely for public data, meaning insights are for anybody to see. They also offer Tableau Server, which is specifically for commercial use with private data. Why use Tableau? Tableau is a great option that sits between Excel-like software and using a programming language such as R or Python.

Mapping the Spread of COVID-19 with Python

The purpose of this post isn’t to add new insight into the spread of the coronavirus - there are plenty of experts out there more qualified. Instead, our goal is to highlight how to construct simple, interactive visualisations using live data such as: Do you use Professional Posit Products? If so, checkout out our managed Posit services Getting the tools Folium is a Python library that allows you to create different types of interactive Leaflet maps.

eRum Competition Winners

The Main Competition The Secondary Competition What next? The results of the eRum competition are in! Before we announce the winners we would like to thank everyone who entered. It has been a pleasure to look at all of the ideas on show. The Main Competition The winner of the main competition is Lukasz Janiszewski. Lukasz provided a fantastic visualisation of the locations of each R user/ladies group and all R conferences.