Data Exploration with Tableau

Data Exploration with Tableau

Course Level: Intermediate

Tableau is more than just a simple data visualisation tool. It also gives people the capability to manipulate multiple data sources, create custom charts, build predictive models, and turn their plots into interactive dashboards and presentations. Designed for people with some experience of Tableau, this course will showcase what Tableau can do beyond basic data visualisation.

Book: Data Exploration with Tableau

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Course Details

  • Course Outline
  • Learning Outcomes
  • Materials
  • Prior Knowledge

Course Outline

  • Calculating new variables and writing formulae
  • Building more complex, non-standard charts
  • Creating maps to visualise spatial data
  • Grouping similar data through cluster analysis
  • Modelling data and making predictions
  • Presenting data in dashboards and stories to create reports

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the day participants will be able to…

  • manipulate data and create new variables
  • create non-standard exploratory charts
  • visualise spatial data
  • perform clustering of data
  • fit predictive models and make simple forecasts
  • turn static plots into dashboards and presentations


Prior Knowledge

Basic prior experience with Tableau is assumed. Attendance at our Introduction to Tableau course would be sufficient.

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