Git Organisation

Git Organisation

Course Level: Intermediate

Git is perfect for working collaboratively. However, when you’re working together in an organisation, it’s important to have rules and processes so you all know how to work together. We’ll share what works for us at Jumping Rivers, and then guide you through the process of coming up with your own rules and processes for git, such as choosing a branching strategy and formalising your code review.

Book: Git Organisation

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Course Details

  • Course Outline
  • Learning Outcomes
  • Materials
  • Prior Knowledge

Course Outline

  • Branching workflows and protected branches
  • CODEOWNERS and other standard repository files
  • Merge requests and code reviews
  • Managing Git Issues
  • Example git workflows from start to end

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the day participants will…

  • have an awareness of the different git workflow options
  • understand the flow of merge requests and code review
  • be able to define responsibility for repositories using CODEOWNERS files
  • have created a list of default settings and processes to implement within their own organisation


Prior Knowledge

This course assumes basic skills with git, so having attended Git for Me or equivalent is necessary.

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