Introduction to H2O Wave

Introduction to H2O Wave

Course Level: Intermediate

H2O Wave is an open-source library developed by for data scientists, machine learning engineers, and software developers to develop real-time interactive web applications in a fast and simple way. Without needing any coding knowledge other than Python you can develop a web application for displaying and exploring data, without having to deal with any web development. By the end of this one-day course you will be able to develop an interactive web application to display data.

Book: Introduction to H2O Wave

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Course Details


  • Introduction to H2O Wave: A brief description of H2O Wave, how to run a wave application and examples of the types of web applications that can be made.
  • Making a static dashboard: Learn how to create a simple static dashboard. Go through the standard setup, how to add cards and how to use data in the web application.
  • Making an interactive dashboard: Learn how to create a simple interactive web application. Go through the basic setup, how to add interactive cards and how to handle requests.
  • Customising the app: Walk through how to customise the web application by changing the layout, theme, etc.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, participants will understand…

  • the basic setup of an H2O Wave app
  • the difference between static and interactive web apps
  • how to develop a static web app
  • how to use different requests
  • how to develop an interactive web app.

Prior knowledge

It will be assumed that participants are familiar with the Python programming language. For example, familiarity with dictionaries, list comprehensions, use of functions and the libraries {numpy} and {pandas}. Attending the Introduction to Python and Programming with Python courses will provide a sufficient background for this course.

Attendee Feedback

  • “Amazing introductory course. I really enjoyed having the opportunity to build my own apps, alongside learning the new material. I will definitely recommend to my colleagues”
  • “Very interesting course and plenty of resources to look into”