Multifactor Modelling - Michael Betancourt

Multifactor Modelling - Michael Betancourt

Course Level: Advanced

We are very happy to announce that following “Jumping Rivers: Bayesian Inference using Stan”, Michael Betancourt, a core developer of Stan, is running a series of 9 modules for principled statistical modelling with Stan. This module introduces conditional exchangeability, marginal exchangeability, and multifactor modelling (also known as multilevel or random effects modelling) with a focus on efficient implementations. Completion of the Hierarchical Modelling module is highly recommended.

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Book: Multifactor Modelling - Michael Betancourt

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Course Outline

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Learning Outcomes


Prior Knowledge

In regards to Stan experience, attending the following courses would be of great benefit:

As mentioned, the course is aimed at current Stan users and will assume familiarity with the basics of calculus, linear algebra, probability theory, probabilistic modeling and statistical inference, and Stan.

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