Package Management with RSPM

Package Management with RSPM

Course Level: Intermediate

Package management is made simple with RSPM: manage your entire organisation’s packages from a single interface. RSPM enables offline access to CRAN, PyPI, and Bioconductor via binaries, making installation of packages way faster for users, and consistent across your organisation. RSPM also allows users to time-travel to previous versions of the package repository when needed. Allow us to introduce your data scientists to the reliability and flexibility of RSPM.

Book: Package Management with RSPM

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Course Details

  • Course Outline
  • Learning Outcomes
  • Materials
  • Prior Knowledge

Course Outline

  • Package Management in R: the why and how
  • Navigating the RSPM interface: finding package repositories, information about individual packages and more
  • Package updates and freezing repositories
  • Bespoke, curated repositories: how to use managed versions of your organisation’s internal packages
  • Using Git repositories on RSPM
  • Using managed repositories created from PyPI: the beauty of RSPM for Python users

Learning Outcomes

Session 1:

By the end of session 1, participants will…

  • appreciate the utility of well-managed package repositories.
  • be comfortable connecting to and navigating RStudio Package Manager.
  • know how to obtain information about dependencies.

Session 2:

By the end of session 2, participants will…

  • be able to time-travel to a past date to load a collection of packages that work together.
  • understand the role of sys-admins in managing their package installations.

This course does not include:

  • how to create packages in R
  • how to install and configure RSPM


Prior Knowledge

Participants must have a basic knowledge of R and the RStudio IDE , which can be obtained by attending our Introduction to R.

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