Building an R Package

Building an R Package

Course Level: Advanced (6 hours)

This is a one-day intensive course on building a package in R. The focus will be on getting a working R package ready for distribution. This includes automating package setup and consistent package structure with {usethis}. You will be able to use the {testthat} workflow to create tests for packages.

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Book: Building an R Package

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Participants can bring their own code or they can use the provided example code to write a fully functional R package.

  • Why create an R package.
  • What is in an R package.
  • Writing documentation with {roxygen2}.
  • Creating packages with RStudio.
  • Distributing your package.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the day participants will…

  • have an understanding of CRAN and how R packages work
  • be able to document package functions
  • be able to add datasets, vignettes and unit tests to an R package
  • have produced their own working R package

Prior knowledge

It is assumed that all applicants have a basic knowledge of R. Attending the Introduction to R course and programming with R is sufficient.

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Attendee Feedback

  • “Great instructor and equally as good material”