Getting the most out of RStudio Workbench

Getting the most out of RStudio Workbench

Course Level: Foundation

RStudio Workbench takes all of the features you love about the RStudio IDE and puts them in the cloud. Workbench also enables real-time collaboration, support for both R and Python development environments and secure, concurrent sessions. Our trainers are excited to introduce your organisation to a whole new world with RStudio Workbench.

Book: Getting the most out of RStudio Workbench

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Course Details

  • Course Outline
  • Learning Outcomes
  • Materials
  • Prior Knowledge

Course Outline

This course will be structured as follows:

  • Navigating around RSW: differences and similarities between RStudio IDE and Workbench
  • Working in RSW: uploading files, importing data and connecting to databases
  • Working collaboratively within RSW: version control and pair programming
  • Publishing to / RStudio Connect
  • Job Management: running background processes on the server
  • Using RSW with Python: VS Code and Jupyter Notebooks

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the day participants will…

  • be comfortable connecting to and navigating RStudio Workbench
  • understand how to clone and edit code repositories in RSW
  • be able to code peer-to-peer with colleagues inside RSW
  • understand how to connect to a database from within RSW
  • launch Jupyter Notebooks and VS Code within RSW


Prior Knowledge

Students need to be familiar with R and the RStudio IDE. They also need a basic understanding of SQL databases and the concept of version control with git.

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