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Next Steps in the Tidyverse

Next Steps in the Tidyverse

Course Level: Intermediate

The tidyverse is essential for any statistician or data scientist who deals with data on a day-to-day basis. By focusing on small key tasks, the tidyverse suite of packages removes the pain of data manipulation. This course takes the next steps in using the tidyverse and examines how and where to use packages such as {purrr}, {stringr}, {forcats} and {tidytext} in an analysis.

Online | March 1, 2021,

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Course Details

  • Course Outline
  • Learning Outcomes
  • Materials
  • Prior Knowledge

Course Outline

The course will cover

  • {purrr}: A functional programming toolkit
  • Regular expressions with {stringr}: Matching complicated string patterns to known strings
  • {forcats}: Factors for the tidyverse
  • {tidytext}: A collection of methods for text mining

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Learning Outcomes

By the end of the day participants will understand…

  • what tidy data means for statistical modelling
  • the challenges and solutions when working with strings
  • the basics of functional programming and how it relates to the {tidyverse}
  • when and where to use factors
  • the types of problems regular expressions can help with


Prior Knowledge

This course assumes basic familiarity with R and the {tidyverse}. Attending our Getting to Grips with the Tidyverse course, is more than sufficient in providing you with the prerequisite knowledge required for this course!

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