Reporting with R Markdown

Reporting with R Markdown

Course Level: Intermediate (6 hours)

Do you want to dynamically create static or interactive documents? Do you want your reports to automatically update when the data changes? Then this session is for you! R Markdown is easy to use and allows for dynamic report generation. Whether you are hoping to generate HTML, PDF or Microsoft Word like documents, or even slides for a presentation, R Markdown tailors to your needs.

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Book: Reporting with R Markdown

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Course Details


  • R Markdown: Creating documents using Markdown
  • {knitr}: Running dynamic R code
  • {kableExtra} & {DT}: Embedding tabular data into output documents
  • {bookdown}: Writing books and long-form reports with R Markdown
  • {flexdashboard}: Creating interactive dashboards
  • Parameterised reports: Creating flexible reports
  • Widgets: Exploring interactive HTML widgets

Learning outcomes

Session 1:

By the end of session 1 participants will…

  • understand the benefits of automating reporting
  • be familiar with R Markdown
  • be able to create a basic R Markdown document
    • output (html, pdf and word)
  • have enough knowledge in R Markdown to:
    • implement code blocks
    • explore code block options
    • set YAML instructions
    • be exposed to a few different ways of adding tables to a document, including both static and dynamic tables
      • {DT} package
      • {reactable} package
  • be able to embed both plots and images in documents

Session 2:

By the end of session 2 participants will…

  • understand how to render a document to a {bookdown} format, useful both for websites and online books or articles
  • be able to create dashboards displaying plots and tables using {flexdashboard}
  • be exposed to different methods of creating presentations in R, including HTML, PDF and PowerPoint presentations
  • be able to create parameterised reports that allow you to render and re-render a document with different parameters e.g. different reports for different years
  • understand best practices when creating R Markdown documents

This course does not include:

Prior knowledge

It is expected that participants are already familiar with R. In particular, it assumes basic knowledge of plotting. Attendance on our Introduction to R course is more than sufficient in providing you with the prerequisite knowledge required for this course!

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Attendee Feedback

  • “The instructor was certainly standout, exceptionally knowledgable and eloquent in his delivery.”
  • “The tutor was able to answer and personalise the content relating to our questions/needs”