Introduction to SQL

Introduction to SQL

Course Level: Foundation (6 hours)

The Structured Query Language (SQL) defines a standard for communicating with a relational database. In this one-day introductory course, participants will learn the basic SQL syntax for data extraction, filtering and insertion. We will start by querying a local database before connecting to a remote database held on an AWS server. Here, we will stress important considerations when working with shared databases in the cloud.

Book: Introduction to SQL

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Course Details


  • Introduction to SQL: An introduction to relational databases that implement the SQL standard and establishing database connections.
  • Data Extraction: Using SELECT statements to extract filtered data and organising the output.
  • Database Modification: Creating tables and inserting data.
  • Cloud Deployment: An introduction to database services on AWS and setting up remote, shared access.
  • Multiple Tables: Dealing with and joining data that resides in multiple tables that share common variables.

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Learning Outcomes

Session 1:

By the end of session 1 participants will…

  • understand the concepts of relational database management.
  • be introduced to the PostgreSQL dialect.
  • be comfortable working in the VS Code integrated environment.
  • understand how to form a connection and view the database schema.
  • have learned basic SQL syntax:
    • extracting data with SELECT statements
    • filtering and organising data
    • creating tables and inserting data

Session 2:

By the end of session 2 participants will…

  • be familiar with database services on AWS.
  • understand the basic considerations for cloud storage and sharing.
  • have worked with both local and remote connections.
  • have learned how to join tables by matching variables.

This course does not include:

  • S3 and data warehouse services on AWS.
  • Connecting to databases through programming languages like R and Python, see our Intro to SQL with R course for this.

Prior Knowledge

There are no pre-requisites for this course.

Materials Preview

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Attendee Feedback

  • “Environment was easy to access and set up, course materials were easy to follow and the instructor was knowledgeable & responsive to questions.”