Tidy Evaluation in R

Tidy Evaluation in R

Course Level: Advanced (6 hours)

This is a one-day course comprising of methods for tidy evaluation in R. We introduce the {rlang} package as a way of parsing variables from a data set into a function. Furthermore, we cover environments and function-evaluation in R, to help you understand how the tools in {rlang} work under the hood.

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Book: Tidy Evaluation in R

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Course Details


  • Modifying user argument in functions calls
  • Quoting code with quosures
  • Using quasi quotation

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, participants will be able to…

  • Use the {rlang} operators {{}}, !!, !!! and := to pass variables
  • Modify user functions using enquo()
  • Parse and deparse expressions

Prior knowledge

This course assumes familiarity with the concepts taught in our {tidyverse} courses. Anyone attending the course should have experience using {dplyr} and {purrr}. Also required, is the ability to construct R functions.

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Attendee Feedback

  • “Extremely good teacher, great explanations, funny examples and very flexible in terms of content and time. I got to know a lot of things, that I did not think were possible.”
  • “Useful content, Jamie (course facilitator) very willing to provide help and support.”
  • “Material well presented and delivered”