Web Accessibility in {shiny}

Web Accessibility in {shiny}

Course Level: Advanced

A Shiny app won’t meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) standards right out of the box. There’s a few things you’ll need to consider before your Shiny app is accessible to all. In this course, we’ll demonstrate some common accessibility requirements, the assistive technologies that may be used, and the design adjustments we can make to accommodate those needs.

Book: Web Accessibility in {shiny}

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Course Details

  • Course Outline
  • Learning Outcomes
  • Materials
  • Prior Knowledge

Course Outline

  • Description of accessibility requirements and assistive technologies.
  • Introduction to ARIA labels.
  • Alt text for images and plots.
  • Introduction to {shiny.router}.
  • Navigating by keyboard.
  • Assessing compliance with accessibility standards.

Learning Outcomes

Session outline:

By the end of the session, participants will…

  • understand the need for websites and applications to be designed with accessible requirements in mind.
  • experience the use of some assistive technologies such as screen readers.
  • know when and how to use ARIA labels.
  • learn how to include good, descriptive alt text for images and plots.
  • see how the {shiny.router} package can make Shiny apps easier to navigate and bookmark.
  • use the keyboard to navigate a page and learn how to incorporate a skip link in a Shiny app.
  • use tools to assess whether a website or Shiny app meets WCAG accessibility standards.

This course does not include:

  • Selecting colourblind-safe palettes for your plots.
  • Modifying CSS code to produce a colourblind-safe and high-contrast theme for your apps.
  • Designing your app for touchscreen and small-sized devices.
  • Selecting an accessible font.
  • A comprehensive dive into the WCAG standards.


Prior Knowledge

Participants must have a basic knowledge of R and Shiny, which can be obtained by attending our Introduction to R and Introduction to Shiny courses.

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